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Knowledge is much easier to acquire if you choose to use modern smartphone applications. With the help of those, you do not need to carry around a bunch of textbooks. All you have to do is download an app to the smartphone and start learning. However, there is a great number of apps available, which could cause confusion in users. For this reason, we have chosen 10 Best Maths Apps that will make you excel and improve your math skills.


When we need to find out an answer to a question, most often we turn to Google for help. However, the search engine will provide with a list of websites where you potentially (not certainly) get an answer to your question. Mathematician Steven Wolfram launched his own search engine Wolfram Alpha, which does not index pages but answers to science-related questions instead.

Best Maths Apps


The Wolfram Alpha mobile application provides access to the online service (you will need to be connected to the Internet to use it), which knows the answers to a huge number of questions from very many areas starting from mathematics, statistics, astronomy, and history to weather and caloric content. Historical and statistical data can be requested in the form of a graph for a certain period of time.

Special attention should be paid to the mathematical functions of Wolfram Alfa: in addition to providing answers to simple questions like “what is the cosine of zero”, the application solves equations, systems of equations, determines the properties of numbers and geometric figures. Wolfram Alfa can explore trigonometric functions, create their graphs and perform many other mathematical operations. With skillful use and the ability to write mathematical formulas, the application is able to work as a personal tutor in higher mathematics.


Photomath is the best camera calculator and also Best Maths App. This application remains one of the most frequently installed in more than a hundred countries and has had its place in top education apps for years now. Just point the camera at the equation and the application will give an answer and a step-by-step solution.

PhotoMath currently supports:

  • Arithmetic operations;
  • Ordinary decimal fractions;
  • Linear equations;
  • Systems of equations;
  • Logarithmic calculations (some).

Integrals and trigonometry work, but so far, they do not display the course of the solution, but only the result.


This is a program for solving mathematical problems with step-by-step description and graphical representation. It also generates random mathematical problems in several categories and levels of complexity.

The application is free and works without an internet connection. You can solve various problems, including integrals, differentials, limits and simple equations, as well as trigonometric problems. It is worth saying that for some users unfamiliar with mathematics, the extensive MalMath interface with a huge number of supported operations may seem rather complicated.

After you have typed in the problem that you want to solve, you will only have to press the “solve” button and you will receive a solution along with a detailed explanation of how it was reached.

MalMath is a very useful mathematical application, which probably will not be a must for all users who are looking for a simple calculator. This application is intended for someone who already knows math or wants to continue studying it.


True math is simply impossible to imagine without calculation. In difficult situations, there should be a calculator or even better – a math app called “MyScript Calculator” with handwriting data input. Just write a mathematical expression on the screen and program does the rest.

The app is available for both Android and iOS. We would recommend using it on a tablet, though, as a large screen will be more easy to use when typing numbers and such, but the smartphone screen is also suitable.


Do you have difficulties with calculations? Try Algebra Course Assistant. With it, you will be able to deal with algebra quite fluently. The studio that developed this program – Wolfram Group – has a lot of cool inventions that are worthy of your attention.


This application has a well thought out and logical plot. It all starts with the fact that a user is given the main goal: stop Dr. Odda. After that, you can jump right into the game itself. The game involves three levels of complexity. Each mission consists of choosing an action (for example, multiplying) and describing the task. Because the tasks are colorful and interesting, you will soon forget that this application is aimed at learning. This helps to maintain the level of involvement and hone the skills of solving equations. This application received several awards and was awarded the title of Parent Selection and Selection of the American Association of School Librarians.


Graphics calculators are expensive but it is almost impossible to do homework without their calculations. Speaking of homework, you can visit Edu Birdie to get some help with that. So, instead of buying the calculator itself, consider buying an application that allows you to replace it.

Graphing Calculator lets you compile the graphs of several equations at once, using its own keyboard to enter data. It allows you to create graphs of polar and parametric equations and many others. In addition, you can take screenshots of the calculator and send graphics by email.


Do you want to keep your trigonometric formulas separate from algebraic ones? This application will become your assistant in mathematics.

The application stores frequently used formulas classified into sections of mathematics, which provides quick and easy access to them. In addition, you can create a section in which your selected formulas will be located.


The Intellijoy developers created an application that will be very useful for preschool and primary school children, as it teaches some basic mathematics. The application is divided into several categories: teaching numbers, mental arithmetic, largest or small number, addition, and subtraction. This is all available in the free version.

There are a lot more categories in the paid version of the program, though, for which you need to pay.


Quick Brain is a mathematical simulator aimed at training mental calculations. The main goal is to teach you how to solve mathematical problems for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With each correct answer, the complexity of assignments increases, which forces you to concentrate harder and thus stimulate your performance.

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