Best Video Editing Software of 2019 For Windows and Mac

Video editing is now a growing due to the popularity of cameras and ease of online video sharing. To save money, you should use some video editing tools that are free of charge to edit videos. Nonetheless, it might be difficult to find such Best Video Editing Software for Youtube for Windows since today there are a lot of free video editing programs available on the marketplace. What’s the best option for them? Let us take a look at the top 10 best free video editing software for Windows and Mac below.

Gone are days when designing a short film or documentary was an act of technical expertise and one ought to be a serious professional to deal with editing and related tasks. Today, however, after the birth of all these revolutionary technologies and their day-to-day programs, video editing also has become a simple-to-complete task, knowing which Best Professional Video Editing Software you should use. And the endless choice of Best Video Editing Software Freeobtainable in the market — both settled and free —, it will be possibly a tough task for you really to choose one editing tool from your record then to perform your editing activity!


Professional video editing software could be a pricey purchase. Therefore it is a good idea to examine your alternatives before choosing. The applications allow me to share the most effective out there for professional video editing. Each is centered on the professional industry, though authors with advanced skills may use some them properly. Review the attributes, tools and price points to find what type of Free Video Editing Software for Windows 10 is right for you.

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On this page, we have organized a listing of top 5 video editing tools for Windows and Mac.


AVS Video Editor could be the first-choice of yours if you are looking for a straightforward to utilize, professional-quality-rich & fast video editor for your Windows computers. AVS Video Editor, developed by Online Media Technologies, offers a variety of notable features like a lot of effects, support for Blu-ray movies, multilingual service, power to share videos straight through tools like Facebook, Movie and Twitter and useful features such as stabilization. Considering these, VPS Video-Editor is among the Best Video Editing Software 2017 for Windows.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows
  • Supported Input Formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, AMV, 3GP, MPG, DAT, VCD, etc.
  • Supported Output Formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, SWF, FLV, MPG, etc.
  • Key Features: HD Service, Non-destructive Editing, Single Video Course, Dual Audio track.


Adobe Premiere Pro can be an exceptionally preferred, timeline-based video editor that’s readily available for Windows and Mac. In a disorder that you can spend, Adobe Premiere Pro will be an awesome movie editing tool, especially when we consider features such as Integration with Aftereffects and Photoshop, top-notch video masking capabilities, fantastic transitions, etc.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Cloud
  • Supported Formats: virtually every popular video format
  • Key Features: HD Assistance, Multi-Track editing, storyboard style, unlimited music and video tracks, linear timecode display and NDE.


Final Cut Pro will be the Best Video Editing Software Free used by professionals, that’s helped filmmakers to change a few of your favorite movies Like The Social Network Along with The Lady using the Dragon Tattoo. Being a video editing software developed by Apple Inc, Final Cut Pro features some obvious characteristics such as an extraordinary user interface, very useful keyboard shortcuts & much more. Therefore, should you manage video editing within your Mac, Final Cut Pro is the better video editor for Mac, we guarantee.

  • Supported Platforms: Macintosh
  • Supported Input Formats: Any video format that is compatible with QuickTime
  • Supported Output Formats: Any video format that is compatible with QuickTime
  • Key Features: HD Help, Non-destructive editing, storyboard mode, up to 99 video tracks and 99 sound files

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If you want to produce stunning movies without eating that much system resources, Sony Vegas Movie Studio will, most likely, function as best tool for Windows PCs. Sony Vegas Movie Studio is the reduced version of Sony Vegas Master which is intended for enthusiastic professionals, who’d get the simple software, selection of capabilities together with service for additional aspects including transitions, text, movie stabilization, real-time effects, etc. Altogether, its characteristics make Sony Vegas Movie Studio an all-in-one option for professionals who don’t wish to spend much.

  • Supported Platform: Windows
  • Supported Input Formats: MP4, AVI, WAV, WMV, QuickTime, MPEG-4, etc.
  • Supported Output Formats: AVI, MP4, MPEG4, WMV, WAV, etc.


We’ve seen various video editing software for different programs, but Lightworks may be the only video editor that does have support for Microsoft Windows, OSX, and Linux. Some unmatchable features of Lightworks include specific & powerful support for the background I/O, specific keyboard to boost video editing experience, multi-cam editing as well as an impressive pair of real-time effects which will come in handy in regards to professional video editing. The listing of capabilities also includes dedicated net export option, history move, importance, and rendering, etc.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Supported Input Formats: Virtually Every Video Format including High Definition people
  • Supported Output Formats: Virtually Every Video Format including High Definition ones
  • Key Features: HD Support, Low-destructive editing, storyboard style, unlimited video tracks and audio tracks, Linear timecode display

So these were one of the best Video Editing Software you can use in 2019, if you have perosonally tested all of them and reviewed them on based on their performance and features. If you have any suggestions for us then please let us know in comment section and we will surely respond.

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